What We Do


Here is what Wheeler Capital Partners can do for you; Needs-Based Solutions, Enhance Borrow Credibility, Deliver a Fair Price, and Responsive Service.

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Provide Creative Needs Based Solutions

Financing commercial real estate in today’s challenging environment requires much more than simple introductions. It requires a well-planned strategy with a coordinated presentation, aggressive marketing, constant vigilance and back up planning.

Each funding has its own unique set of challenges to be carefully managed. Unfortunately, market factors, economic volatility and industry changes can disrupt the most basic funding. The ability to quickly shift tactics to changing conditions can be the difference between failure and success.

Choosing the right real estate finance advisor to devise and execute a strategic financing plan is critical to achieving your goals. Let Wheeler Capital Partners provide you the professional tools necessary to achieve the funding for your project. We independently work for you.


Enhance Borrower Credibility For Execution Certainty

Knowing your funding source’s credit criteria, carefully analyzing historical financial statements and validating projected underwriting ensures lenders can meet expected terms. Wheeler Capital Partners markets a customized presentation and communicates a consistent message to multiple lenders to ensure the best source meets the borrowers’ criteria.


Deliver a Fair Price with Real Value

The successful closing and funding are the result of merging two competing interests. Capital providers seek to minimize risk and increase returns by providing the least, and charging the most. Conversely, funding users are typically seeking maximum proceeds at the lowest possible cost of capital. Only through an exclusive partnership with an intermediary who negotiates on your behalf can the client be assured the terms and conditions of the funding are as equitable as possible.


Provide a Responsive Service

From initial consultation and underwriting through closing and funding each assignment is carefully orchestrated. Rather than merely reacting to change, we proactively manage the inevitable challenges in the financial marketplace. Wheeler Capital Partners strives to maximize your effectiveness by coordinating the entire financing process, allowing you to seek new opportunities and concentrate on your day-to-day business.