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In business for over 30 years, we know a thing or two.

We provide millions of dollars for our clients needs with multiple lending resources.

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Joseph M Wheeler


Joe Wheeler is an executive who for over thirty years has built successful Florida banking companies always developing the lending teams who have built companies in excess of $4 billion. He has been President of various banks for over 15 years, served in leadership roles of over 50 nonprofit organizations, spoken to many professional organizations and has been the subject of many published articles. He has started de novo banking charters, participated in 15 bank mergers and acquisitions, managed special assets of acquired companies and recently sought to recapitalize community banks with private equity partners.

He founded Wheeler Capital Partners responding to past client requests for refinancing upcoming maturities. As he assisted long time clients he discovered the traditional sources of financing have changed. Clients need financial consultants to present their needs to multiple funding sources in a form acceptable to the lending sources and they need to know what fits each lender.

We provide millions of dollars for our client needs with multiple lending sources. Continual development of new funding sources has provided Wheeler Capital Partners the ability to offer clients uncharacteristically flexible rate, terms and conditions.

Over time we have developed our client relationships becoming trusted advisors. Typically we are part of the “due diligence” team developing a project or advising on a purchase. Different funding sources often fund multiple parts of transactions but we have found adding early structure favorable to funding criteria enhances attractiveness to lenders.

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